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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kevorkian Back In Spotlight With Upcoming HBO Movie

This weekend, HBO's Saturday night movie is "You Don't Know Jack", a biopic about infamous physician Jack Kevorkian (aka "Dr. Death").   Kevorkian of course,  made history in the 1990's for assisting the suicides of hundreds of patients.

I'm reading some pretty good reviews about the movie so far.  Supposedly, this film is not meant to present an argument for or against right-to-die causes, but rather to provide insight into the complexity of character behind a man often maligned in the media.  With Al Pacino in the starring role, I suspect he will bring quite an interesting perspective to Kevorkian's persona.

Are you interested in seeing this movie?  What do you think about Jack Kevorkian?  Was he an evil, "Death Doctor" who just liked to play God?  Or might he have been a caring doctor  who simply viewed death as a way to relieve the pain for those whose bodies were dying anyway?


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