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Friday, February 1, 2013

Social Work Digest

This week's news and announcements in the world of social work.

  • "We're getting back to good old-fashioned social work". Department of Human Service social workers in Michigan moving into elementary and high schools.
  • New Jersey social service workers unhappy as case loads increase but staffing levels remain stagnant. 
  • Over 3,000 front line social service workers in British Columbia walk off their jobs in effort to receive higher wages.  “We do realize this is a fight we’re having with the government,” says social services bargaining committee chairperson.
  • Finally! Someone explains "what is social work". Spoiler alert: Not all social workers work in schools or for child protection agencies.
  • I like this U.K.  model for attracting and retaining social workers.  Adequate supports and ongoing opportunities for advancement and trainings are key.
  • Need for social workers growing; Northwest Nazarene University in Idaho planning to offer new social work program. 
    Jan Roeser, regional economist for the Idaho Department of Labor, said careers related to social work and two other degree programs NNU plans to offer in Twin Falls are projected to show a lot of growth.  The number of new jobs is expected to increase by 20 to 35 percent this decade. The professions also have high wages. {via Times News |
    My note: Not  so sure about the 'high wages' part though!



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